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How To Add Links To Instagram Story

Instagram Story feature is used by over 500 million accounts, and companies generate one-third of the most-viewed Stories on the platform (Instagram). It’s evident that this feature has struck a chord with Instagram’s user base, and companies can use it to increase exposure and engagement with their target customers.

We’re increasing the ability to post links in Stories to all accounts today. With the help of this platform many brands, creators, celebs inspired general users in a few years. From organizing and teaching about equality, social justice, and mental health to presenting new product drops to consumers, link sharing is beneficial in a variety of ways – so we’re now making it available to everyone.

Introduction to Instagram Story:

When we originally offered Stories links, it was only available to verified users or those with a particular number of followers. But later we receive the rest of the Instagram users’ interest, that they want to share important information with their friends and family. But now everyone can share anything in their stories, it does not matter how much followers they have or having a verified account.

Creators or influencers keep Instagram motivated to produce new ideas as well those who wish to make a life by sharing links. Insta is giving us more ways to share our ideas, and create a new and better communities. Instagram is also very hopeful that in the future they will introduce more linkages.

Instagram Links OR Swipe-UP:

Initially, only two types of accounts can share a link on their stories, the first is the account with 10,000 followers, and the second is the verified users, like celebrities, and brands.

Instagram Swipe-up allows users to add a link to their Instagram Story. Users who are viewing the Story can open the link by just “swiping-up.”

You will be able to share captivating news about a new product, service, or event, and then encourage your followers to “swipe-up for details.” This provides marketers with a limited option to generate traffic from the Instagram platform, as well as a more efficient way for consumers to connect with brands straight from those brands’ Stories.

Viewers may swipe-up on a Story or press an arrow at the bottom of their screen to view a link without leaving the Instagram app or going back to the bio.

In August 2021, Instagram put a full stop on the swipe-up link function to encourage users to give a try to link stickers. This strategy works and more and more users utilize it as soon their account gets updated.

Instagram Story

How To Create A Link:

We all know that stories only last for 24 hours. The best thing about links is you can rise traffic, with this you can allow your users to look your stories. Instagram stickers take a shift from swipe-up very smoothly that was easy to understand and apply for users.

On Instagram story link stickers are the simplest method to generate traffic to other content and products. Instagram analytics may also be used to track link clicks.

Stickers are more welcoming and offered three benefits.

  • Stickers are common and easy to use. You can use any sticker which resembles to your interest and demand of your video or photo. They are more creative as compared to swipe-up links.
  • Most crucially, stickers let viewers interact with a Story, whereas the swipe-up function did not allow for answers or reactions.
  • Simply said, Instagram link stickers, like swipe-up before they are important for business.
How to Add a Link Sticker to Your Instagram Story:
  • Tap the + icon in the Instagram app and then select Story (rather than Post, Reel, or Live).
  • Create your story utilizing all of the beautiful assets you have available to you.
  • In the top row, press the Sticker symbol.
  • Enter the URL here.
  • Fill in the wording or call to action for the sticker (eg., Tap to read)
  • To resize the sticker, place it on your Story Pinch.
  • Toggle through the available color schemes by tapping (blue, black, white, beige, etc.)
  • Then email it to your Story, and you’re finished!

Customizing Your Link:

Here’s how to change the look of your Instagram Story link sticker:

  • Create your Instagram Story as normal, and then add a link sticker.
  • Navigate to your preferred design app.
  • Create an on-brand, aesthetically appealing sticker with a clear CTA (e.g., “Read more” or “Tap here!”).
  • Export it as a PNG file with a transparent backdrop to your phone.
  • Return to your draught Instagram Story and insert your personalized sticker from your phone’s picture album or folders.
  • Place the personalized sticker immediately on top of your link sticker.

Voila! That’s it: you’ll have complete visual control over your Instagram Story while still allowing others to tap through.

For Gaining More Followers:

Whether your aim is connection building or conversion, sharing links with your audience is beneficial. If you don’t yet have access to the link sticker, here are some options:

Link In Bio:

Some Instagram users prefer to post a single link in their bio or utilize link shortening tools to customize their bio.

You may also utilize solutions that allow you to host several links on a single landing page (fewer updates, more conversions!). It’s called an Instagram link tree, and it’s quite simple to create.

Just remember to include “link in bio” in your caption when you publish (we tested it, and don’t worry, saying it won’t affect your engagement).


Post your Story and inform your followers that they may DM you for a direct link to it. It’s extremely simple for them, and it’s a terrific method to connect with your audience because it may feel even more personal when they receive the link straight from you.


Share your material and then build a poll asking others if they want the link delivered to them. All you need to do is see who voted ‘yes’ on your poll, and then follow up with a link delivered through a direct message in the Instagram app.


Q: Can I add multiple links to my Instagram story?

A: Ah, the age-old question of multitasking in the realm of social media! Unfortunately, as of now, Instagram only allows one link per story. But hey, don’t be disheartened just yet! There are workarounds that can help you make the most out of that single opportunity. Get ready for some creative thinking!

Q: How do I track the clicks on my Instagram story links?

A: The quest for knowledge is never-ending when it comes to tracking your digital footsteps. While Instagram itself doesn’t provide built-in analytics specifically for story links (bummer!), there’s a silver lining waiting to brighten your day. Third-party tools like Bit.ly or Linktree allow you to create customized and trackable URLs which give you insights into click-through rates and engagement metrics.

Q: Can I add swipe-up links without having 10k followers?

A: So close, yet so far! The coveted “swipe-up” feature is currently reserved exclusively for accounts with at least 10k followers or verified profiles. Fear not though; this shouldn’t dampen your spirits entirely. Remember that quality content paired with engaging captions can still drive traffic effectively even without that elusive swipe-up option.Got more questions? Keep them coming because exploring the ever-evolving world of social media together is what we love best!

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