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How to Change the Background Color on Instagram Story

Instagram is a fantastic platform for sharing your life with friends and family, but there is one little issue that may be resolved by changing the Instagram story backdrop colour. Many individuals are unaware that the backdrop colour they use for their tales is not permanent and may be changed at any time, which can lead to awkward situations with friends and family if you decide to change it. Instead of being perplexed about what’s wrong with your tale, switch around the colour scheme.

Ways To Change Background Color on Instagram Story Change your background to a solid color

Any Instagram account can benefit from this Instagram trick. Take a snapshot using Instagram’s Stories function. We’ll use our powers to make it vanish! To alter the backdrop color of your Instagram Story, use the Draw tool. To change the backdrop color, press and hold the Story button. Text, photos, and gifs can be used to modify the backdrop. You can even go a step farther. May use the eraser to reveal sections of your original image by erasing bits of your new backdrop color. Can be more creative with your images without having to use Photoshop or another editing programmer.

Add an image to the Background Color

What if you wanted to add a picture to your Instagram story and modify the backdrop colour? This is also an option. The effect will be similar if you desire an Instagram collage appearance. When Stories is open, click the brush symbol to capture a picture. To change the colour, click on the brush symbol. Hold the screen down until the backdrop is entirely altered.

But the battle is far from over. Let’s go through your Gallery for a photo to use in your tale. Keep your finger on the image until you get the option to copy it. Return to Instagram Story and paste the photo into your narrative. Voila! You’re now ready to share your Instagram story with the world.

You may also use a coloured backdrop to reveal parts of an image. Choose the image you’d want to use. Use the pen icon tool to make a solid backdrop. To delete something, press the delete key. Draw anywhere you want with any form to expose the image behind it.

Change the Background Color of an Instagram Story when Reposting        

Any post you upload on Instagram Story is automatically given a backdrop colour. The overall colour of the content you’re sharing determines the backdrop colour. The backdrop will be adjusted to a different tint if you share a post with a lot of greenery.

  • Tap the Draw button at the top of the screen once you’ve shared your narrative post.
  • Select the Sharpie tool from the toolbox.
  • Tap the colour you wish to use as your backdrop from the palette at the bottom.
  • Now, tap and hold your finger on the backdrop for a few seconds. The backdrop will be changed to the colour of your choice.

Change the background color of your IG Story using the color picker tool

The colour selection tool may be used to modify the backdrop of your Instagram story. The following is how it works:

Make a tale in the first step.

You can write and modify stories in the same way that you would normally: Images, stickers, text, and other things may be added.

Step 2: Select the drawing tool and tap it.

In this option, you may keep the background of your narrative. This will bring up the colour picker.

Step 3: Change the colour of your Instagram story’s backdrop.

From the options at the bottom of your Instagram story, choose a backdrop colour. To make a colour copy, tap the tool in the lower left corner.

Step 4: To publish, tap on Your Story.

Create a transparent background on Instagram Story

Let’s say you want to make a photo or video more transparent.

The following is how it works:

  • Upload a photo for your backdrop.
  • Select the Pen button.
  • Choose the third option for the pen.
  • Choose a colour for the screen’s bottom.
  • Touch the screen with your finger.

Instagram Story

How to change background color without having to cover the photo

If you don’t want to cover the image, you may supply a backdrop colour. It takes roughly 30 seconds to complete.

In this way:

  • Open your Instagram Story and choose a photo at random.
  • You may also use a different colour for the backdrop.
  • Press the Arrow button at the top of your screen to save the image.
  • To remove your Story, press “x.”
  • Swipe up or tap the “Camera Roll” button to add your coloured image to Story.
  • Select the Sticker option.
  • Select the Photo sticker.
  • Choose a picture.

What color should the background color on the Instagram story be?         

The Instagram story’s backdrop colour should be vibrant, eye-catching, and most importantly, attention-grabbing. It should appear as though it is a separate moment in time, rather than merging in with the rest of the broadcast.

How many colors are there for the background color on the Instagram story?

When it comes to personalizing the background for your tale, you have a lot of options. It depends on the account type you have. You may use as many colors as you like (even if they don’t appear to make sense) if you’re an Instagram celebrity. You can only use two colors on Instagram if you are a normal user: black and white.

How do you get a black background on Instagram story?      

You may alter the backdrop colour of Instagram story by going to the app’s settings tab. You’ll find a section titled Customizing Your Story after you’ve arrived. Go to the Color tab, which is the last tab. The first option, Theme, allows you to alter the backdrop colour to black.

Q1: Can I change the background color of my Instagram story on a computer?

Absolutely! You can change your background color using various graphic design tools available online, such as Canva or Adobe Spark. These platforms offer a wide range of customization options to create eye-catching backgrounds for your stories.

Q2: Will changing the background color affect my engagement rate?

While changing the background color alone may not directly impact your engagement rate, it can certainly enhance the visual appeal and make your content more captivating to viewers. Experiment with different colors that align with your branding or evoke certain emotions to see what resonates best with your audience.

Q3: Are there any specific colors that work better for certain types of content?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer here since color preferences vary across individuals and cultures. However, you can consider some general associations people have with different colors: calming blues for travel-related posts, vibrant oranges for food-related content, or warm yellows for uplifting messages.

Q4: Can I change the background color mid-story?

Yes! With Instagram’s built-in brushes and drawing tools, you can easily switch up the background within each frame of your story by selecting a new color or using an eraser tool to reveal parts of previous frames.

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