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Essential Instagram Stats Proving The Network Popularity Today

Technologies are evolving on daily basis, each day there is something new to share and learn. Social media apps are similar to it. Now social media is not only associated with talking and sharing photos and videos with friends and family. Rather it has now a broader perspective, like business, traveling, education, and more. People use social media platforms to build their business or to make an individual a star.

Instagram is among these apps that growing up regularly, and it has been changed a lot since its beginning. Now Insta is not only a photo and video sharing app. Due to multiple things which provide the advancement in Insta. It is not only about the likes, comments, and sharing it is more than that.

Instagram is accessed by more than a billion accounts, and as we know it requires some figures to truly understand the platform. Statistics need new and better marketing on this platform. Because there are people who sign in from multiple countries, ethnicities, religions, ideas, and perspectives and they all have different targets. That is why it is harder to understand the market of Instagram. But the thing which needs to be noticed is that among all of these difficulties

Statistics Which Prove Instagram’s Popularity

First, we all know that Instagram launched in October 2010, and in twelve years it reaches this height. According to a survey that find-out the trafficking on websites, estimated that Insta is visited by 2.9 billion people per month. That gives Instagram a seventh position on the top 10 list of most visited websites. Many phones have built-in apps and Insta is one of them, but after that Insta is the ninth most google search term. It shows the popularity and users like to visit the website with their desktops and laptops or tablets.

Instagram is the fourth most used platform, yes! It has 1.3 million daily users, which is larger than TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest. Another thing about Insta is that its users are also using Facebook and Twitter or other social media platforms. There are only 0.1% of people on Insta who are just only using Insta. Instagram is the world’s second most downloaded app after Facebook. But the in-built feature of the already downloaded Facebook app on phone changes the competition. And now it is recorded that Insta comes in the second position after TikTok.


Instagram Stories Every Day

We know that almost 500 million users visit IG Stories every day. Stories are very effective for those users who want to spread their business, ideas, etc. The ads on Instagram are higher in cost as compared to Facebook, but Instagram advertising can reach 928.5 million. Again, advertising can attract this much amount of people to the platform. The best time to post on Insta is on Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the worst day is Sunday. People are at home and want rest.

When we launch a brand or business in the market, we always look for the target, their needs, demands, age, interest, etc. This information helps those brands, like almost 71% of US adults spend on Instagram, and the age limit of these users is 18 to 29. We can say Insta is attractive to today’s generation. If we go deeper, we find that almost 63% of users visit the app at least one time a day, while 42% of users visit the app multiple times in a day and there are only 16% of users visit the app one time in a week or two weeks.

In 2020, it is estimated that 52% of users of Instagram are females and 48% of Insta users are male. It is very useful information for the business. In the US almost 72% of teens use Insta which is higher compared to Tiktok and Snapchat.

Instagram A Reliable Source

Instagram is not a reliable source to get news about something. Rather it is the place for business, brands, influencers, and other parts of an individual life. Insta stories are important because 58% of Insta users take interest in the brand after watching it on the story, and 50% of users click on the link and go to the website to make a purchase.

After we post a story, we want to know how much it has been watched, did the customer watch the complete video or a few seconds of it. But altogether Instagram brand stories are watched by 86% of users. Those accounts which produce entertainment base stories have increased the user’s attention from 81% to 88%. People on Instagram are more interested in sports because they score 90%. And brands who want followers’ attention use this strategy and minimum post 17 stories in a single month.

Instagram is significantly beneficial for a business because almost 90% of users follow at least one business account. Every month on an average business account, 1.69% of followers join the group. These business account knows their customers so they post an average of 1.6 times in a single day.

People of all ages and backgrounds use Instagram to explore their passions. According to Facebook-commissioned research, 91% of those surveyed use Insta to keep up with a hobby or interest. It’s 98% in India.

IG Stories


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many active users does Instagram have?

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms today, with a staggering number of active users. But just how many people are actively scrolling through their feeds and engaging on Instagram? The answer may surprise you! With over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, this photo-sharing platform has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Q2: What is the average time spent on Instagram per day?

In this digital age, it’s no secret that we spend a significant amount of time glued to our screens. But when it comes to Instagram, how much time do we really devote to this visual paradise? Brace yourself for an astonishing statistic – research suggests that the average user spends around 53 minutes per day on Instagram! That’s more than four hours every week dedicated solely to browsing photos, watching stories, and connecting with friends.

Q3: Which country uses Instagram the most?

The beauty of social media lies in its ability to connect people from all corners of the world. So which country truly dominates when it comes to their love affair with Instagram? Drumroll please… It’s none other than the United States! With over 130 million monthly active users hailing from America alone, there’s no denying that Americans have fully embraced this vibrant platform as their own.


45% of Instagram users have an interest in travel, 44% in music, and 35% in food and drink 43%. India’s citizens are breaking the mold by putting technology at the top of their priority list. Argentina, Brazil, Korea, and Turkey are the top three countries for film production. Food, travel, fashion, and beauty are among the most popular pastimes of British parents, as is, not surprisingly, raising children.

No one can deny the role of social media for your business at this point. When it comes to social media marketing, delivering the best customer support is one of the ways you can take full advantage. The goal here is to organize your digital following and remain in contact with your crowd via social media. Included here are responses to feedback and other forms of communication.

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