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How Does The Instagram Algorithm Works

Since the Instagram moved away from chronological feed the question that comes to our mind is how does the Instagram algorithm actually works? In this article we are going to show you how algorithm works in regards to feeds, posts, stories etc. and will share some tips that will help you to engage more audience to your posts or business.

First we are going to talk how Instagram algorithm works for news feed? There are four steps that will help you to influence the Instagram algorithm for news feed.

  1. Information regarding the post: Is it a photo or a video? When it was posted and how many likes does your post get?
  2. Information regarding the poster: How interesting/important are they to you? Are they your friend and how often do they engage with their content?
  3. Your interaction history: Do you like or comment on the poster’s posts?


With the help of above information Instagram algorithm will calculate that how likely their users are going to interact with the post which is also known as the score of interest. There are five others key interactions that help the Instagram algorithm to determine feed rankings.

  • Time spent: How much time you are going to spend on the post?
  • Saves: How likely are you going to save the post?
  • Taps on Profile: How likely are you going to tap on the profile to find more after seeing the post?

If you are creating a content that you think your followers are going to love it  so your posts will be prioritized and will be show to your followers Instagram feed.

  • The second question that is most asked by the users of Instagram is that what engagements are more important to Instagram algorithm? When you post something on Instagram all you want is an engagement of users on your post. When you post on Instagram just keep in mind that:
  • Is this post going to be liked or commented by your users?
  • Is this a post someone would save and will come back to your profile to view more posts?

Benefits From Instagram Algorithm:

If you want to tale benefits from Instagram algorithm all you need to do is create a content that is most likely to engage your followers to your post.

The other question that is most asked is how does Instagram algorithm works on the explore page? The explore page is same as the feed algorithm because it also delivered you those contents that you are going to be interested in based on your prior interactions.

The only difference between explore page and feed algorithm is that in feed of your account will show you all the posts/contents of the account you followed will in explore page contains the content of almost new accounts. The most important things we can include in explore are liking the post, sharing or saving the post. The most important things to remember in explore algorithm are down below:

  1. Information about the post. How popular is a post? How much engagement does it get and in how much time you get engagement? If you are getting engagement to your post and your post are getting likes, comments and someone is sharing or saving your post, it’s a huge indicator for the Explore Page’s algorithm.
  2. Have you interacted with that person or their content in the past?
  3. Your activity. What type of content do you prefer to like, save, or share? How do you interact with other posts in Explore?
  4. How many people have interacted with that persons post in the past ?


Regarding Instagram Algorithm:

The other things regarding Instagram algorithm is how it works for business creators and personal account? There is a myth between Instagram users that Instagram algorithm provide better services to business accounts than other accounts.

This is not true as Instagram served and provides all their users equal services in term of Instagram algorithm. This means that if you are having a business, personal or creator account it doesn’t make any difference to your content that how its being rank by Instagram.

There are ways that will help you to improve your ranking with Instagram algorithm. If you want that your ranking with Instagram algorithm increases all you need to do is that drive as many interactions to your post as you can. Let’s start with the ways.

First thing is you need to consistently share Instagram reels. You would be thinking that Instagram reels are quite old but they are heavily promoted by Instagram.

Second thing is you need to encourage more interactions with Instagram stories sticker.  The great way to increase engagement is Instagram stories sticker. The more engagement your post get the higher.  The few examples of Instagram stories sticker are poll, emoji slider and question stickers.

Third thing is drive engagement with the help of comments and captions. According to Instagram comments and like play important role in feed ranking and it seems to be great idea to encourage as many post as possible. The best way to this to write a good Instagram Captions that will help to engage audience to you post.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Does the Instagram algorithm prioritize posts with more likes and comments?

While engagement is a crucial factor, the algorithm also takes into account other aspects such as relevance and timeliness. So, while popular content may have an advantage, it doesn’t mean your amazing post won’t be seen if you don’t have thousands of followers.

Q2: Can using certain hashtags boost my visibility in the algorithm?

Absolutely! Hashtags help categorize your content and make it discoverable by users interested in those topics. However, remember that quality beats quantity when it comes to hashtag usage – using relevant and specific tags can enhance your chances of appearing before the right audience.

Q3: How often does the algorithm change?

Ah, yes – the ever-elusive question! The truth is that Instagram’s algorithm evolves constantly, adapting to user behavior, trends, and platform updates. It keeps us on our toes but also presents fresh opportunities for growth!

Q4: Are stories treated differently by the algorithm compared to regular posts?

Indeed they are! Stories play a significant role because they provide real-time glimpses into users’ lives and foster engagement through stickers or interactive features like polls or questions. So go ahead; unleash your creativity within these ephemeral moments!


Forth thing is that you need to optimize your hashtag strategies. With the help you good hashtag strategy you are able to engage more people especially those who are relevant to your business and there are chance that they will engage with you content.

Fifth thing is that you can cross promote your Instagram content. The best and easy way to boost  ranking of your content is by cross promoting it. As Instagram has grown and it has a lot of features like stories, guides, Instagram reels that will help to promote your content.

You are able to use the tips which has been share in the article to create content that will help you to boost Instagram algorithm ranking. All you need to is being consistent and built a relationship  with your followers.

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