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How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic method to stay in touch with family and friends. You might be wondering how to tell whether someone on Instagram has blocked you on Instagram. This is most likely because they didn’t want to see your posts, have you as a friend, or be tagged in your images anymore. Blocking a user usually indicates that they don’t want to communicate with them and that conversation is uninteresting to them. To find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram, follow the steps below.

Why would Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

People may block you on Instagram for a number of reasons.

  • Spamming their inboxes with messages.
  • Include them in postings that aren’t relevant to them.
  • Making rude comments on their content
  • If you ended a friendship or romance, you might not have been able to move on.

How can you know if your Instagram account has been blocked?

On Instagram, do a search. Do a fast search on someone’s profile to see whether they’ve blocked you on Instagram. You are not blocked if their profile is available and you can see their posts. If the profile and message are visible, you will not be blocked because this account is private. Send the user a Follow Request to see what they’re up to.

If you can see the profile and amount of posts but not the display area, it signifies the individual has prevented you from seeing their photos. If the profile isn’t found following a search, it signifies the account has been deleted or cancelled. Send them a quick message to check on their status if you want to contact them. This is how you can see if your phone number has been blocked.


If you’re blocked, you can’t comment on other people’s posts or send them direct messages. Your previous conversations and comments do not vanish. Please open the message and visit their profile if you have ever liked on their posts or had a DM chat with them.

If you don’t see any recent posts on their profile, you’ve most likely been blocked you on Instagram. This allows you to check if someone has modified their username. They have most likely been barred if their profile does not appear in the search bar.

Using a web browser, look for the account. You can check up the account that prohibited you using a web browser. Make sure you’re not connected into your Instagram account to see if the account is still functioning.

Make use of your preferred browser. In the search field, type instagram.com/username of the account you believe has blocked you. It is blocked if the account does not appear when you search for it while signed in to your account.

Examine your messages. Instagram will hide any messages you’ve communicated with the person and block you. You’re in good condition if your chat is still visible. You may have been blocked you on Instagram if you don’t see your chat. Look through your shared group communications to see whether they’ve cancelled their account. They may have denied your access if they are still visible as participants in the group but not elsewhere.

Keep Following Them

You can look at this person’s profile to see if you can add them as a follower. If you are blocked, you will not be able to follow this person. You can’t hit the Follow button fast enough to complete it. You will, however, be able to see the button but not be able to click it. Any notifications you send them will be ignored.

Using an Instagram Profile Link that is Unique. You’ll be given a unique URL that contains your username after you create an Instagram account. Substitute the identity in your profile link with their account name if you feel someone has blocked you on Instagram. You can use your browser to visit Instagram and search for that person’s profile to receive a direct link to their profile. To make sure the account is still active, log out of Instagram. When a user changes their name, their URL name changes as well. If the username has recently been changed, this will not work.

If Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

Examining Instagram Group Chats that Have Been Shared. You can use that channel in group chat to see if the other person has blocked you. In your chat list, you’ll notice the other chat participant. They have blocked you if you are unable to see their profile.

Make an Instagram account on a different device.

You can access your account from a different computer. You can use another account or enlist the help of a friend to conduct a quick search. If everything on the other account appears to be in order, you’ve most certainly been blocked.

If you discover that you have been blocked, it is critical that you consider why you were blocked. People rarely block others without a good reason. This is why accepting it might be difficult. Perhaps you made an impolite or inappropriate remark.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Can someone block me on Instagram without me knowing?

In the vast world of social media, it’s not uncommon to wonder if someone has blocked you without your knowledge. The truth is, unless you have Sherlock Holmes-level detective skills, there’s no surefire way to know for certain.
But fear not! While there are no guarantees in this cyber labyrinth, a few telltale signs may indicate that someone has decided to hit the “block” button: sudden disappearance from your follower list, inability to find their profile when searching, or even mysterious silence where their comments and likes used to be.

Q2: What happens when I’m blocked on Instagram?

Ah, the great enigma of being blocked! It’s like finding yourself locked out of an exclusive party with no explanation whatsoever. When someone blocks you on Instagram, they essentially erect an impenetrable wall between themselves and your virtual presence. You won’t see any new posts from them; their stories will vanish into thin air before reaching your screen; and worst of all – messages sent into oblivion with zero trace!

Q3: Can blocking be reversed? Is there hope for reconciliation?

As they say in life and love alike: never say never! Blocking can indeed be undone – a beacon of hope amidst this digital darkness we find ourselves in sometimes. If both parties acknowledge their differences or resolve misunderstandings.


Maybe it’s anything that offends or hurts them? The internet is permanent, and the screen does not act as a barrier between you and the outside world. We must all be conscious of how we promote ourselves and what we share on social media. After that, have a look at some social media etiquette rules you should follow.

The following symptoms indicate that someone has blocked you on Instagram: the individual does not appear in your following list, and you do not see their posts in your feed. If you publish a photo and get no evidence that the other person likes it or even comments on it, you can assume that they have blocked you.

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