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How To Pin a Comment on Instagram

Pinning Comments is a new and unique feature on Instagram, the social media site where people prefer to post their photos and tell stories about themselves. Users may now pin a remark to a comment thread. Without it being connected. With a specific person using this new functionality.

According to recent study, Instagram is a simple and engaging platform for people of all ages. Another reason people enjoy using Instagram is its capacity to bring people together and develop trust.

Why Pin Comment?

Here is different reason of comment pin. Highlight Your Favorite Comment. If your post garnered a lot of feedback, your favorite remark was probably lost in the shuffle. If you pin it, no matter how many comments you get, the remark will always be at the top.

To Highlight Posts that are suitable for Marketing. Pin a positive testimonial if you’ve received one. Potential customers or clients will be able to view your comment and decide whether or not to purchase your goods as a result.

What is the best way to pin a remark on an Instagram post?

It will show at the top of the comments area if you pin a remark to an Instagram post. It will appear as a dangling notification that will be visible to all users that scroll down or visit the post.

Any follow-up information, announcements, or favorite remarks can be pinned. Visitors will be able to see what you’re talking about and what you’re attempting to say.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram on Android?

  1. Go to the comments area of your Instagram account to leave a remark.
  2. Keep your fingertips pressed against the comment you’d want to pin.
  3. Toggle the right-hand pin.
  4. You may now pin up to three comments on Instagram thanks to a new notification.
  5. When you pin a remark, a pin mark appears at the top of it.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram on iOS?        

On iOS, pinning an Instagram remark is a little different. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Click here to go to the Instagram comments area.
  2. The pin should be tapped.
  3. To continue, click the comment pin.


How do you pin a comment on Insta Live Story?    

Instagram’s software has been modified to allow users to pin comments to their live sessions. If you’re live on Instagram and observe something fascinating or relevant, you may use the pin option to emphasize it at the top of your comment box.

Remember that the number of times. You may pin comments in your Instagram live is limited. Make sure you publish the appropriate comment during your live.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. If you need to access your account, you must first register.
  3. In the top left corner, tap on Your IG Stories.
  4. Select the “Live” option.
  5. Then, in the lower left corner, click on Comment.
  6. Locate the remark you want to save.
  7. Select the Pin comment option by tapping on a remark.

Anyone who arrives late to your live session will not miss any vital information or notices that you have already delivered.

The Hashtags Comment       

Many Instagram users like to include their list of up to 30 hashtags in the initial remark after posting for various reasons. The disadvantage was that it was always the first comment, requiring visitors to scroll past it in order to see any further comments on postings. Pinning comments, on the other hand, now allows users who use the hashtag comment method to push other comments to the top of the page, obscuring the hashtag comment.

Is it possible to pin a comment on Instagram via a desktop?   

Instagram users who use it for business prefer to use it on their desktops. While you can use your computer to post stories, manage your DMs, and upload photos, you won’t be able to pin comments to Instagram.

How to unpin a comment on an Instagram post?   

You can remove a comment that has been pinned to your Instagram post. At any time if you don’t agree with it. You can then choose a more important comment to bring to the top of your comments section. If you don’t want to make any changes, you can leave it alone.

What are the benefits of pinning a comment on Instagram?

There are various advantages to pinning a comment on Instagram. For starters, pinning your comment shows your creativity and gives your followers a better idea of you as a social media user. Second, it draws attention to your comment even more than if it were just at the bottom of the screen or in the comments section. Third, it allows you to find your comment without having to go through. All of your prior comments after reading through the feed.

Why is it so hard to pin a comment on Instagram?

Pining a comment on Instagram isn’t as straightforward as it appears. You might be tempted to pin your comment by clicking the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. But this feature is only available when you submit an Instagram photo.

Only while the photo is being taken will the camera symbol appear. So, if you’re not using Instagram’s built-in camera to take a photo. Making a comment is pointless.

Another issue with pinning a comment on Instagram is that you can only pin it to a limited number of places. A comment or a photo cannot be pinned to another comment or image. It can only be pinned to a comment or a profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I pin multiple comments on an Instagram post?

Ah, the age-old question! Unfortunately, at this time, Instagram only allows users to pin one comment per post. So choose wisely which comment you want to elevate to the top of your conversation.

Q2: How long can a pinned comment stay at the top?

Great query! As of now, there is no specific time limit for how long a pinned comment will remain in its prestigious position atop your post’s comments section. It will continue to proudly hold its place until either you decide to unpin it or Instagram introduces a new update that changes things up.

Q3: What happens when someone replies directly to a pinned comment?

Aha! When someone responds directly underneath your pinned comment, their reply will appear indented below it as usual. Fear not; the hierarchy remains intact!

Q4: Can I pin my own comments on other people’s posts?

An intriguing inquiry indeed! Alas, as much as we’d love the power to pin our witty remarks wherever we please, Instagram currently only permits users to pin their own comments on their own posts – no hijacking others’ content with self-promotion or endless banter.


Finally, while pinning isn’t ideal, it appears to be the most effective method for correctly pinning an Instagram comment. If you pin your comment, it will stand out more in the stream than if you simply used the react’ button. Thank you for taking the time to read our tutorial on how to pin an Instagram comment.

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