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How To Repost Story On Instagram Like a Pro

Instagram is a popular platform to share your life, interests, hobbies, etc. with the world. Insta has billions of monthly users who create content or use the platform for brand advertising. But from general users to celebs everyone is looking forward to increasing their followers by applying different marketing strategies.

One of these strategies is posting stories. When we see something interesting on another user’s wall, we like to spread the word. We do this for a variety of reasons, including improving the quality of our feed, spreading happiness or useful information to our followers, or simply storing posts in our profile for future reference. But now users need to use third-party tools to download or copy other users’ stories or content because Instagram forbids the practice. That is why reposting is a consistent issue for users.

One of the most strong and efficient ways to improve IG activity and increase audience engagement is to use Insta Stories or story publishing. When someone opens Instagram, they are more likely to look at Stories than the newsfeed.

User Generated Content (UGC):

Before taking a step towards repost story on Instagram, we need to know about UGC. It is one of the essential parts of reposting, which is related to our followers. Any content which is created by other users or brands can be shared or repost story on Instagram. The content can be directly or indirectly linked with your brand or you to make an impression on your followers.

Studies suggested that UGC is a 50% more reliable source to attract followers or increase your content quality. 70% of people who use social media to make a purchase do so because they’ve read positive reviews or seen other people’s posts about the brand. You can always use UGC with the permission of the creator with links, hashtags to you or your product. It generates trust and loyalty. But keep in mind you have to select which content should be a repost story on Instagram. Every content on which you have been tagged is not necessarily in your story.

The most important thing to do while repost story on Instagram any material is, tag the author in your story and take permission from the creator. In that way, your content will be notified as respected by other users and do not get into plagiarizing issues.

How To Repost Newsfeeds To Instagram Stories:

If you have ever found yourself browsing through your Facebook feed and stumbling across a post that relates to your content, and you want to make it your Instagram story. What will you do?

In this paragraph, we tell you how to repost story on Instagram.

When you are just scrolling your newsfeeds and suddenly something catches your attention, you feel it is similar to your content. What you have to do to copy it, you can see an airplane sign on the left side, below your desiring content, click it. Next, a pop-up menu opens, kindly press the option to add a post to your story. Then before sharing you can edit it, with your choice of font, caption, stickers, anything. And do not forget to mention the source, but in this format, the source will automatically attach to your story but in smaller fonts.

How To Repost Story On Instagram In Which You Are Tagged:

There are many times when people tag us in their stories, when that happens, we all want to share it on our stories. The problem is that stories only last for 24 hours, so you have to make a fast decision, whether you want to share it or not. When we get a tag in by any user, we receive DM.

What do you have to do to repost that story into yours? When you receive a message, look for the Story in which you were mentioned. Simply click “Add this to your Story” to save your work. Editing the story with filters or captions allows you to “give it some life.” After finishing the details, click your story to repost.

How To Repost A Story Without Being Tagged In:

When you find interesting content, and you intended to post it in your story but you are not tagged in the video or photo. There are multiple solutions to this problem. You can use a screen recorder, screenshots, and third-party online sources.

Screen capture is the first method (in the case of video content)

Locate (but do not yet click on) the desired Story of a user.

Start the screen recording process by pressing the “circle” button or a screen recording button on your iPhone/Android. Get back to the Story and press it. To complete the screen recording process, press the screen recording button once more after the Story ends. The Story author (@username) can be linked to and edited. If necessary, to create a new Story from an existing one. When the story is ready to be published, the author’s name will appear at the top.

The second option is to take a screenshot (in case of photo content)

For example, you can play a user’s Story and hold a button to take an image of it. You can use your phone’s library to edit and crop the image. Once the image is saved on your phone, you can upload it to Instagram and begin creating your own Story. You can tag the user who posted the Story you’ve viewed and then hit “You Story” to share it with your followers.

Repost Story on Instagram

The third option saves a Story using a web-based service as a third option.

Using this option, you do not need to register or install any software to upload a video/photo Story to any of your devices. Many platforms, such as Toolzu, Storysaver, and Bigbangram savers, allow you to download Stories in this manner. It is possible to get high-quality content in your gallery by downloading other people’s Stories by using online tools.

Enter your desired recipient’s username into a web browser, and then type in the person’s story. Click “Download” to get a Story, then go to a device library. Find the content you want to use, and add it. Do not forget to link the source when you are done. And then click on your story.

How To Share Stories From Archives:

IG Stories can be so amazing that they deserve to be pulled from the Insta archive and included in a feed on occasion. Select the “hamburger menu” from your Instagram profile. If you want to “spread” a story, select “Archive” first. Add captions, hashtags, or other Instagram features to your post by clicking the “dotted line” on the bottom right and selecting “Share as a post” and Click “Share.”

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