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 The Complete Guide To Using Instagram Stories For Business

Instagram stories are the house of 500 million users on daily basis. Instagram stories provide its user with a very effective way to generate an audience, introduce their brand and increase sales. We all know that we can keep stories only for 24 hours before they can permanently go. To increase your Instagram traffic and business you can use links and hashtags on your stories. You can also involve people by posting stories with polls, questions, quizzes, etc. And for more detail, Instagram gives its users other options for DMs.


Instagram users are very sensible when it comes to buying any product, almost 62% felt attraction towards the product in stories. 83% of users found new products and services on Instagram stories. While 75% of them go to the website to purchase the product which they see on Insta stories. Almost 90% of Instagram users at least follow one business account.

Instagram stories provide its users a huge business opportunity, it is supposed to be a home of 4 million advertisements. Instagram is one of the best applications to build a brand, it is above then Facebook, youtube, and TikTok.

We have already discussed Instagram stories many times, but I will provide you with a small intro and then we will jump into our main topic, how to use stories for business.

How To Make Instagram Stories:

After login into your Instagram account, click on the plus sign which is at the top of your screen. Then from the dropdown menu click on the story which is located at the bottom of your screen. It is our choice to use a front or back camera, for making a video or taking a photo, or use the gallery. For uploading a selfie, you can use the switch camera icon at the bottom right of the screen. For uploading a picture use the swiping finger on the screen feature and swipe to the right. Recording a video, press and hold the white circle for a few seconds. And lastly using the photos or videos from the gallery swipe up on the screen or click on the square camera roll on the left.

After choosing your respective multimedia apply features like a boomerang, layout, etc. Views are a significant part of Instagram stories, so to find it out, click your story icon on the main page, then click on the number in the lower-left corner of the screen. This is the total number of views on your story.

Benefits Of Instagram Stories To Your Business 

Instagram stories have many features which benefit your business, you can use them to engage your viewers. Like stickers, there are many of them, use according to your content’s demand. You can also change the size and location of each sticker. Hashtags are an extremely helpful feature when you want to spread your product to the world. You can even add 10 hashtags to a single story, when to start typing on a story, Instagram itself provides you recommendations of some famous tags.

You can also hide these hashtags behind the stickers or emojis. Another feature is location, you can add the location in your stories, it also helps enlarge the size of your business. The most effective tip is using captions, almost 60% of users on Instagram use the sound along with the video but 40% do not, so in this case captions played an important role. It is the easiest way to communicate with the viewers.

There is no need for stories to disappear after 24 hours. Until you delete them, they’ll be pulled down to your profile. You can use this to highlight your most important and memorable content. You can create as many highlights as you like, and you can add to them as you post new content. Can use explore page because on this you can find the algorithm selected material and it is very helpful for the boost of your brand.

Another feature is polling, add a question in your story along with two responses you can even add up to 24 responses also emojis. After 24 hours share the results. You can ask your viewers questions, like # ask me anything, run this on your story and later on answer them. You can add the link in your stories either have 10,000 followers or not.

Sizes Instagram Stories:

The sizes of photos, videos for Instagram stories are limited, so one should know the stop. For photos recommended size is 9:16, the recommended resolution is 1080×1920, maximum file size is 30MB for images and 250MB for video.

A more practical approach is to plan and shoot all of your Story’s content vertically from the beginning. The good news is that you don’t have to be a whiz with your presentation. Instagram found that mobile-shot Stories ads outperformed studio-shot ones by 63%.

Why? Because it’s a mobile shot. Brands can create a more engaging and less restrictive experience by blending in with what users expect to see.

It is not necessary to use high resolution it is not very important. But you need to make your style, and keep it. Your audience should be able to notice your visual style without having to look up your username, which is one of the benefits of using continuous visuals in your content.

Constant use of colors, fonts, gifs, and Instagram Stories templates is a good starting point. Keeping track of your design decisions in a style guide will help you keep your brand’s tone dependable and ensure that your team is on the same page. If you do not have a design team and are not sure where to begin, several Story-focused design apps can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I post on Instagram Stories?

A: The frequency of your posts depends on several factors such as your target audience, content quality, and engagement metrics. Experiment with different posting schedules to find what works best for you.

Q: Can I schedule my Instagram Stories in advance?

A: As of now, there is no native scheduling feature within the app itself for stories. However, third-party tools like Later or Planoly offer this functionality to help you plan and schedule stories ahead of time.

Q: Are hashtags effective in Instagram Stories?

A: Absolutely! Using relevant hashtags in your story increases its discoverability by allowing users to find it through hashtag searches or explore sections. Choose hashtags wisely based on relevance and popularity within your niche.

Q: Can I save my entire story as one video file?

A: Unfortunately, there is no built-in option to export an entire story as a single video file directly from the app itself. However, various screen recording apps or software can capture your whole story seamlessly.Got more burning questions? Keep exploring our guide; you never know when we might answer yours next!


On Stories, images are shown for five seconds, and videos can last up to fifteen minutes. However, how often do you spend at least five seconds looking at a still image in Stories?  Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, discovered that the most effective Stories ads have scenes that last an average of only 2.8 seconds. Using quick cuts and keeping things moving is the best strategy for videos. The new animated text sticker and animated GIFs can help you add motion to still images and keep your viewers’ attention.

The call-to-action feature is brilliant, it automatically takes the viewer to the website in just one click. Keep your stories for the future, if you want to increase your business. You need to set your goal before using any of these features in your stories.

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