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What is Vanish Mode on Instagram

Instagram has a lot of features for their users. Write now they introduced new feature known as vanish mode. It allow users to temporarily deactivate and reactivate their accounts. The account remains in the app with all data of users and followers of the user.

Vanish mode on Instagram?

Vanish mode on Instagram was known to be a new messaging feature which was launched in the year 2020. You can send message directly which may disappear from the chat after the set amount of time. This allow the users of Instagram to send someone private message which may disappear. This may help those users to chat with someone privately without getting caught by someone. By activating vanish mode on Instagram in your chat you are able to send messages, photos, GIF etc.

How to use Vanish Mode on Instagram?

The question asked by the users is how to use the vanish mode on Instagram chat. If you don’t know how

to use it here are the following steps that will help you out in using vanish mode:

1: First you need to open your Instagram and than open your chat.

2: After that you need to open an existing chat or just click on the new message button in the upper right corner.

3: Now you need to activate the vanish mode on Instagram by swiping up from your bottom of the screen and then release.

4: After doing that you will see that your screen will become black, and some emoticons will fall from the top which will you in advising that you’re in a Vanish Mode. Now you can send message as usual. The one whom you are sending message whose chat window will turn black and will display a message which will indicate that you in Vanish Mode.

5: Now if you want to end disappearance mode and wanted to get back to your message all you need to do is to tap on the button at the top that says that Turn off disappearance mode. After doing that You and your recipient will both exit disappearance mode. However, you can still view the messages you have sent in disappearance mode. They will disappear forever after that.

To turn this feature off, return to the chat and just leave the Vanish Mode on. To turn off Vanish Mode, all you need to do is to swipe up from the bottom of the chat. Click on disable to disable the disappearing mode function in the chat window. You are now able to switch between these modes within the chat.


What is the use of Vanish mode in Instagram?

Instagram has a lot of features one of it is vanish mode which allows it users to share temporary content with their followers. When you select the Vanish option, the post will disappear not more than 24 hours. This seems to be useful for those users who want to share something quickly and delete it after some time.

Can someone see if you turn on vanish mode in Instagram?

The most common question asked by the users of Instagram is that whether some one is able to see that you are in vanish mode or not. The answer is that no one is able to see when you turn on your vanish mode on Instagram, but when you’re in vanish mode, you are not able to see any of the posts from the users whom you follow. When you turn off vanish mode on Instagram, it will look like you never turned it on, and everything will be the same as before.

Can vanish mode messages be recovered?

The other question asked by the users of Instagram is whether the messages be recovered on vanish mode or not and the answer for this question is No. There is no way you are able to find a message that was sent when the vanish mode was on. It doesn’t matter how old the message is or if it was a screenshot because it will be gone forever.

Why don’t I get vanish mode in Instagram?

If someone is unable to find vanish mode in their Instagram. They need to know Vanish mode was introduced to Instagram in the year 2018. Thus new feature was supposed to stop people from scrolling through their feed and avoid seeing photos of people they don’t follow. If you are not following someone on Instagram, it’s difficult to see what they post. VANISH MODE simply hides those photos that you don’t follow.

How do you know if someone is using Vanish mode?

I am not much sure about this question but it’s possible that people who are using vanish mode they just wanted to make their post disappear from Instagram. If you want to know that whether someone is using Vanish mode. Just go to their Instagram post and search whether their post are public or not

Is vanish mode for cheaters?

Many people think that vanishing is an option for cheaters. But the simple answer is that it is not for the cheaters.

How do I turn off vanish mode?

To turn off vanish mode on Instagram you just need to tap on the gear icon at the top of your profile and tap Turn Off Vanish. You’ll be prompted to confirm before your mode has been changed by Instagram.

vanish mode on Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I activate Vanish Mode on Instagram?

A: Fear not, for we shall guide you through this hidden passage. Activating Vanish Mode is as easy as a flicker of magic. First, ensure that both you and your chat partner are using the latest version of Instagram. Once confirmed, simply open a direct message with them and swipe up on the screen. Behold! You have now entered the enchanted world of Vanish Mode.

Q2: Can I use Vanish Mode in group chats?

A: Inquiries about group chats and their compatibility with Vanish Mode echo across the digital valleys. Alas! As it stands today, only one-on-one conversations carry the enchantment required for vanished messages to dance among words. However, do not lose hope just yet; remember that technology evolves like an ever-changing spellbook.

Q3: What happens if someone takes a screenshot while in Vanish Mode?

A: Ah, beware those who dare capture fleeting moments from within this ephemeral dimension! Should someone attempt such mischief by taking a screenshot during your ethereal conversation in Vanish Mode, fear not—the warning bells will ring loud and clear at both ends of your exchange.


So in the end just wanted to say that vanish mode is known to be the new feature on Instagram that will delete your posts after 24 hours. The main purpose of this mode is to let you share something you might wanted to be deleted after few time and Instagram vanish mode will help you in this because it helps to post after 24 hours.

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